Send notifications via WordPress

Learn how to send push notifications using the MobiLoud News plugin

Push notifications let you notify your users of new content available on the site, or anything else like an event or a message from you.

Notifications are received without the user having to open the app to check for updates. Push used well and with respect for your users, will help you drive traffic to your content and increase loyalty and returned visits over time.

To enable push notifications, you will need to enter your App ID and Secret Key in the Settings/Push page in the plugin. You will be given the necessary information when your app is submitted by our team (if you can’t find it, just get in touch).

So how can you send push notifications? Easy!

  1. Go to the admin panel of your blog and click on the MobiLoud plugin in the sidebar.
  1. Still in the sidebar, click on Push Notifications

With MobiLoud you have two options for sending out notifications.

You can manually send a notification to your users or you can set up MobiLoud so that it will automatically send out notifications when a new post is published.

1. Manual Push Notifications

Open the Notifications tab to manually send notifications. Compose the message that you want to send to your users on the message bar.

Optionally you can also attach a post or page to your notification. You can use this to prompt users to open a post when the notification is clicked. You can also create a static page for anything like a special event or deal, then attach the page to your push message.

When an attachment is added to a push, the user will automatically load the post or page when opening the notification.

When manually sending out push notifications you can send choose to alert all users or select iOS or Android devices. You’ll see a count of registered devices.

2. Automatic Push Notifications

Push for new posts, hassle-free! From the Push settings panel, enable the checkbox to automatically send push notifications when a new post is published.

You can also define categories that will trigger notifications automatically, for example sending out push messages only for particularly important or time-sensitive stories.

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