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Welcome to the News Help Center! Here you will find everything you need to learn about how to use the MobiLoud News platform and integrate it with your website.

Before anything, let’s see how News works:

How does News work?

To explain how the News platform works, let’s divide it into 3 different parts, all listed and described below:

Your WordPress website

This is where your content is created and managed, all your posts, pages, and categories will be displayed across your website as well as your app, meaning that you only need to publish and maintain your content in a single place.

The MobiLoud News plugin

Once you install our plugin on your website, it will generate an alternative version of your content, optimized to be displayed in the app. The great advantage here is that your website won’t be affected in any way.

The MobiLoud News plugin will also provide you with settings that can be used to configure and customize your native app, so you can do everything directly from your WordPress Dashboard.

The app

The native mobile app pulls all the content directly from your website and displays it in a native mobile app interface.

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